Following the Strida project, Sinclair Research commissioned MAS Design to develop a new folding bike. This was to have small wheels essential elements when trying to save weight and space on a folding bike. A new concept was developed, prototypes were tested and tooling details were produced. Key aspects of the patented design include:

> The frame two main frame elements fold in a scissor action by a skew joint. This allows the wheels to fold side by side.
> Steering this was by auto-tensioned cables via variable ratio pulleys. These provide a good steering feel to hub-centre steering.
> Drive this was by internal belt or miniature chain.
> Construction this uses injection-moulded long fibre carbon and glass shells ultra-sonically welded together. Fusible core, foam and gas injection technologies were also used.
> Tyres solid tyres were developed as an option with PU versions performing better than pneumatic equivalents.
This project was undertaken in collaboration with David Southward (CCL founder) Shaun Househam & Alex Kalogroulis. Planned for low cost production, the same concept may now work with today's carbon frame techniques, but not for such a low target price. Sir Clive went on to develop the A-Bike with Alex Kalogroulis.

X-Bike Pictures and video are HERE